The Swedish affair

If the treasures of Sweden have not yet captured your heart, this year’s line-up at SXSW surely will. Last year musicians Seinabo Sey and Like Swimming charmed the crowd. Gaming giant Mojang unveiled new realms of fun within Minecraft. Actress Alicia Vikander mesmerized viewers in the film Ex Machina and director Fredrik Gertten premiered Bikes vs. Cars. Entertainment Weekly wrote about last year’s set of Swedish bands, “even after all these years, SXSW still has the ability to amaze.”

Though a small country, Sweden has made an impact on the world – from the voyages of the Vikings to modern-day exports from companies like Ericsson, Volvo, IKEA, Spotify and H&M; filmmakers like Ingmar Bergman and Lasse Hallström; actors like Lena Ohlin, Peter Stormare, Joel Kinnaman and Alexander Skarsgård; and musicians like ABBA, Red One, Swedish House Maffia, Avicii and Lykke Li

Two of the largest gaming industry deals ever, involved the purchase of Swedish companies Mojang, the creator of Minecraft, and Candy Crush creator, And those aren’t the only games to start in Sweden and gain world popularity (think Battlefield, Just Cause, The Division and Angry Birds 2). Gaming studios like Paradox Interactive, Fatshark and Mediocre are also experiencing success on the App Store and Steam.

In Swedish an “affär” can be a business venture, a shop, an incident or a love affair. The Swedish Affair at SXSW 2016 will be a combination of all these things. Come by our booth at the trade show or stop by the Nordic Light House fall in love with Sweden for the first time – or all over again.

In the afternoon the Nordic Light House will host creative workshops, panels, meet-ups, a podcast studio and a lounge. Kick back on the porch facing the river while you rub elbows with artists, game designers, bands and innovators. See and experience installations and showcases by innovative start-ups. Sample world-class food by Nordic chefs and enjoy free coffee and refreshments. Soak in the Special Edition Sauna and take a dip in our bath barrel. As day turns into night, hang out at our evening jam session and talk about things that matter over late-night BBQ. Then stick around for a drink when the Nordic Light House hosts one of SXSW’s coolest clubs.

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